Lunch Options

IMPORTANT: Please be mindful of the payment methods accepted by the various lunch options.  It is recommended to carry both cash (SGD) and a credit card.  We also recommend to bring an umbrella, as sheltered walkways aren’t always available.

The Deck Canteen: Exit the conference building, turn right and follow the road about 50m.  As the road starts to bend left, head up the stairs on the right-hand side. (If raining, ask us about a different route.)

  • Stalls that accept cash: Western, Japanese, Chinese Cooked Food, Roasted Delights, Indian, Muslim, Noodle, Fresh Fruits & Juices, Drinks & Snacks
  • Upstairs options that accept cash: Pasta bar, salad bar, Liang Ban Kung Fu (Ma La hotpot)

The Terrace Canteen: Exit the conference building, turn left and walk straight forward, straight through the large opening after 100m.  (If raining, ask us about a different route.)

  • Cash options: (i) The Dining Table restaurant (indoor dining near the back), (ii) pay for stall food at the staffed cashier window (only one cashier, queue may be long)
  • Credit card option: Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (only serves coffee, tea, and light snacks)

Walking-distance options that accept credit card

  • (10m walk) The Spread, NUS Business School
    • Directions: See Google Maps
  • (5m walk) Privé Grill, Shaw Foundation Alumni House 
    • Directions: Walk towards The Terrace as above, but turn right before the opening, head down around 100m, and find the side entrance.  Take the elevator up to Level 4.
    • Notes: This is more formal dining; limited capacity so reservation may be needed
  • (15m walk or short bus shuttle) Restaurants along 12-28 Clementi Rd
    • Directions: See Google Maps.  You can also take the free NUS Internal Shuttle (bus A2 from COM2 to Kent Ridge Bus Terminal; then return via bus A1.  See NUS NextBus app.)
    • Places that accept credit card: Formosa Delights, Nana Thai, Be Frank, Dario, and possibly others

Restaurants further away: (More options with both cash & credit card)

  • (Short taxi) Several restaurants at One North
  • (15m taxi) Several restaurants at Holland Village

Food delivery: You can order lunch via the FoodPanda website (or app), or Deliveroo.  International credit cards have been found to work with these, though we haven’t tested a wide variety of them.  You will need a phone number for receiving the SMS verification code.  You can set the delivery address to be the NUS School of Computing: 13 Computing Dr, Singapore 117417, collect from the main lobby, and take the meal up to the tables outside Seminar Room 1.