Instructions for participants

All main conference events (talks, keynotes, tutorial, coffee breaks, Thursday evening social hour, and business meeting) will be held on, except for the WiML Theory social. The Gather platform provides a 2d layout in which participants can navigate an avatar using the arrow keys. When a group of avatars are in close proximity, a video conference is started. Tables and chairs provide private video conferencing space. Within 24 hours of completing your ALT 2021 registration, you should be whitelisted to join the conference venue on, which you can access at this link:

The first time that you join this Gather space, you will have to go through an extra step of entering the email address with which you registered for ALT 2021 (the address at which you are receiving this email) and clicking a link that will then be sent to that email address. Please plan to join at least ten minutes early to allow yourself time to complete this process and get oriented in the Gather space.

It is recommended that you join Gather using the Chrome web browser. Gather is not configured for tablets or mobile devices.

The ALT 2021 Gather map has four rooms: Seminar Room, Lobby, Lounge, and Room A.

  • The Lobby is where you are dropped when you first enter. This space contains the Help Desk (staffed during conference hours). It contains tables for small group conversations.
  • Additional space to socialize is available in the Lounge (exit the Lobby at the bottom-left), which will also be the site of our Thursday evening social hour.
  • Keynote talks, the tutorial, and the business meeting will take place in the Seminar Room (exit the Lobby at the top). Enter, take a seat, then press the “x” key to be dropped into the Zoom event.
  • We plan to use Room A for all other talk sessions (exit the Lobby on the right side). Enter, take a seat, and press the “x” key to full-screen the talk once the talk video starts. Feel free to ask questions over text chat to “Current Room” during the talks. There is a Q&A microphone that audience members can use to ask live questions after each talk. If you are interested in asking a question, it is a good idea to line up near the microphone near the end of the talk, but please do not stand on the carpet next to the microphone until you are ready to speak. When you are seated in Room A or the Seminar Room, you are muted. If you stand on the carpet next to a microphone, your voice will be broadcast to the entire room.

For more information on navigating the Gather space, check out this video ( or this detailed guide ( For any problems with Gather, you may visit the Help Desk in the Lobby (staffed during conference hours) or email

If your avatar seems stuck, try clicking on the Gather screen. If you are having technical difficulties, please try refreshing your browser window.

We remind you that all participants have agreed to the Code of Conduct ( Please help make ALT a welcoming, respectful environment for everyone! Issues with participant behavior during the conference can be brought to the attention of the Help Desk attendant.